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Interior Design

Yana Prydalna

Once we saw Yana's work, inspiration struck immediately for the design of the website.

From beginning to end, this project flowed smoothly. Working with someone as talented and kind as Yana was a pleasure and made the process enjoyable. Yana is known for pushing boundaries with her unique, yet natural designs, we aimed to create a website that was bold, yet understated.

With this in mind, the color palette was kept neutral, while subtle animations were used to foster a smooth and luxurious experience. To push our own boundaries, we decided to incorporate features we have never tried before, such as a horizontally scrolling section to display "selected projects".

Yana has built a large and devoted following through social media, which means that the majority of her website traffic would most likely come on mobile devices. This being the case, we made sure that the site was responsive and provided users with an excellent experience no matter the device.

Launch Date
June 6, 2021

Professionalism. Very good taste. Responsibility. Thank you for your work.

Yana Prydalna
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Monday - Friday / 9:00am - 5:00pm (CT)
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