Interior Design
New York City / NY
The process

The process of connecting and working with Jayne and Joan Michaels to design their website seemed to unfold naturally.

Once we saw 2Michaels portfolio, we had a sense for the style of website that would best showcase their work. The previous website seemed to be a bit outdated and condensed, so our main goal was to create a website that was clean and modern, with a focus on simplicity for future users.

With this goal, we maintained an emphasis on utilizing white space in order to provide users with a smooth experience. In terms of color, we chose to go with a neutral palette, as it drew attention to the color within the work being displayed. Along with this, we aimed to create sleek animations that would help to create an elegant and enjoyable experience for users. Coming into the project, 2Michaels had a preference to use their brand's font, Din, which is a unique sans-serif font. Although, we originally had planned to use a serif font, Din seemed to fit right into the design with its modern feel.

Heading Font
Din (client-selected)
Body Font
Din (client-selected)
Color #1
Color #2
Color #3

Working with Jayne and Joan was a complete joy; from the first phone call, their kindness, warmth, and thoughtfulness made for a strong partnership.


Fast turnaround, talent, professionalism... we received excellent help.

Jayne Michaels